ONE(ワン) レシ リ   MOD Premium Cracked 1.14.1

ONE(ワン) レシ リ MOD Premium Cracked 1.14.1

App Information of ONE(ワン) レシート撮影!お金がもらえる買取アプリ

App Name ONE(ワン) レシート撮影!お金がもらえる買取アプリ
Genre Apps, Finance
Latest Version1.14.0
Get it On Google Play
UpdateFebruary 24, 2022

Description of ONE(ワン) レシ リ MOD Premium Cracked 1.14.1 Download


レシート・画像の買取アプリ ONE(ワン)!

●こんな方にオススメのレシート・画像の買取アプリ ONE(ワン)
[NEW] お買い物にまつわるニュースが読めるページもあります!
[NEW] ONE経由でオンラインのお買い物をするとキャッシュバックがもらえるサイトがあります!





三菱UFJ銀行 / 三井住友銀行 / みずほ銀行 / ゆうちょ銀行 / りそな銀行 / 横浜銀行 / 埼玉りそな銀行 / 新生銀行 / じぶん銀行 / セブン銀行 / ソニー銀行 / 楽天銀行

出金手数料 280円 / 回




ご利用にあたってご不明な点や、不具合・ご要望などありましたら へお気軽にお問い合わせください。
The receipt / image purchase app “ONE” has won the number one trend on Twitter and has been introduced to various media.
Mezamashi TV, Tokudane! , Refreshing, Nihon Keizai Shimbun, etc.
Within 1 minute of installation, you can experience the image for money.

Receipt / image purchase app ONE!
Images such as receipts taken will replace your money!
You can buy the images of receipts and statements that you have thrown away and exchange them for money.
If you participate in the “Mission” to buy receipts for specific products, you may get a large amount of cash back ?!

● Recommended receipt / image purchase app ONE for such people
・ I want you to buy unnecessary receipts
・ I want to make money by taking a picture of the receipt
・ I want to convert not only receipts but also various statements into money
・ I want to earn pocket money by purchasing receipts
・ I want to make money in my spare time
・ I want to change the receipt to cash instead of points
・ I want you to buy receipts easily
・ I want to convert the accumulated receipts into money
・ I want to make effective use of receipts for shopping every day.
・ I want to efficiently convert receipts into money and earn pocket money
[NEW] There is also a page where you can read news about shopping!
[NEW] There is a site where you can get cash back when you shop online via ONE!

● How to get money with ONE
・ Take images such as receipts
·Answer a questionnaire

Currently, you can get 1 to 400 yen for images and 1 to 100 yen for questionnaires.

● How to spend the accumulated money
・ You can withdraw money to your bank account
・ You can exchange for a ticket that can be used at convenience stores, etc.

● Usage scene
・ Shoot the receipt you received on the spot
・ Shoot a bottle of shampoo
・ Take a picture of the dryer you normally use
・ Take a picture of the insurance policy sleeping at home
・ Shoot branded bags and watches
・ Take a picture of the electricity bill
・ Take a picture of the mobile phone charge statement

● Banks that can withdraw money
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ / Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation / Mizuho Bank / Yucho Bank / Resona Bank / Yokohama Bank / Saitama Resona Bank / Shinsei Bank / Jibun Bank / Seven Bank / Sony Bank / Rakuten Bank

In addition, it corresponds to almost all private financial institutions in Japan
Withdrawal fee 280 yen / time

● Official Twitter

We are tweeting about the latest purchase information and campaigns.


● Inquiries
If you have any questions, problems or requests, please feel free to contact

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  • ONE(ワン) レシート撮影!お金がもらえる買取アプリ (Premium Cracked)
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